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    2017 Convention Minutes Review

    Comments solicited on the draft 2017 Convention minutes.  You can view them here. They have been approved by the Board and are now open for comments and request for correction for the next thirty (30) days.  Please email communicationsdirector@lpcolorado.org with any comments or corrections.

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    The Russians do not need to hack the Libertarian Party of Colorado



    The Libertarian Party of Colorado supports transparency in government and tries to model this transparency in our own Party. To this end, the Board of Directors now has a publicly-viewable email discussion list for Party members. To view, visit: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/lpco-open-business

    and you can subscribe with a gmail address to have messages delivered to your email box so that you can be more involved with the business of the Party. Also remember that you can view past minutes, videos of past Board meetings, and the reports of the officer on our website here: http://www.lpcolorado.org/boardrecords

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