Board Records

Board meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at the Independence Institute, 727 E. 16th Ave, Denver, CO, at 7pm. Enter through the north side door. The agenda and board reports will be available late on the preceding Friday. The video link is for livestream when the meeting starts and for the recorded version after the meeting. Minutes will be available after they have been approved at the next meeting.
Board Membership History  
Date   Agenda   Board Reports   Minutes   Video
Next Mtg   xx   xx   xx   xx
09/11/17   Agenda   2017 September Board Reports (update 2)   xx   Live at 7pm
08/14/17   Agenda   2017 August Board Reports   xx   Recording
07/11/17   Agenda   2017 July Board Reports   xx   Recording
06/12/17   Agenda   2017 June Board Reports   2017 June Minutes   Recording
05/08/17   Agenda   2017 May Board Reports
Business Plan
  2017 May Minutes   Recording
04/10/17   Agenda   2017 April Board Reports   2017 April Minutes   Recording
Annual Reports       Annual Board Reports        
03/13/17   Agenda   2017 March Board Reports   2017 March Minutes   Recording
02/13/17   Agenda   2017 February Board Reports   2017 February Minutes   Recording
01/09/17   Agenda   2017 January Board Reports   2017 January Minutes   Recording
12/12/16   Agenda   2016 December Board Reports   2016 December Minutes   Recording
11/14/16   Agenda   2016 November Board Reports   2016 November Minutes   Recording
10/15/16   Special Meeting Agenda   xx   2016 Special Meeting Minutes   Recording
10/10/16   Agenda   2016 October Board Reports   2016 October Minutes   Recording
09/12/16   Agenda   2016 September Board Reports   2016 September Minutes   Recording
08/08/16   Agenda   2016 August Board Reports   2016 August Minutes   Recording
07/11/16   Agenda   2016 July Board Reports   2016 July Minutes   Recording
06/13/16   Agenda   2016 June Board Reports   2016 June Minutes   Recording