LPCO Leadership

Jay NorthState Chair: Jay North

Contact: statechair@lpcolorado.org

Jay North is a graduate of the Masters of Business from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and is an avid application and web developer.  He joined the Libertarian Party of Colorado in 2013 and has been an active member of politics since 2008.  The Principles of Liberty recognized Jay for his service in evaluating Colorado State proposed bills.  Jay is a Level 2 Center for Self Governance member and is planning to achieve the top level 5.  His goals is to increase Libertarian activism among registered Libertarians.

Wayne HarlosVice Chair: Wayne Harlos

Contact: vicechair@lpcolorado.org

Wayne is a native of Colorado and after being a Republican for many years, finally realized that no party other than the Libertarian Party stands for the freedoms that our country was founded on. Wayne is the Chair of the Douglas County Development Group with a goal of “spreading the word.” He has a significant passion for gaining liberty for the residents of the State. Wayne has been a Real Estate Broker for 30 years with the last 25 in Castle Rock where he now resides. “My goal is to reduce the size and effect of government in all of our lives.”

Richard Longstreth

Campaigns Director: Richard Longstreth

Contact: campaignsdirector@lpcolorado.org

Richard Longstreth is a graduate from Austin Peay State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in International Relations. He first got involved with the Libertarian Party in 2010 after coming to the conclusion that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans were listening to the voices of the American people. Richard moved to Colorado in August 2014 after transferring with his company. He thoroughly enjoys participating in liberty-oriented events both socially and in an effort to see the party expand at both the grassroots and national levels.

Jorge ZogaibRegions Director: Jorge Zogaib

Contact: regionsdirector@lpcolorado.org

Jorge Zogaib will graduate Regis University’s Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in strategic management at the end of 2016. Originally from South Mississippi, Jorge moved to Aurora in 2010 and accepted a position in a large investment company. His professional experience is in complex back-office operations. As Regions Director, he hopes to use a passion for systems thinking to support the critical function of county affiliates. Jorge believes deeply in the necessity of personal liberty and vehemently opposes government paternalism.

Caryn Ann HarlosCommunications Director: Caryn Ann Harlos

Contact: communicationsdirector@lpcolorado.org

Caryn Ann is a recent transplant from Florida who became politically active after discovering the Libertarian Party and Libertarian principles. She is a paralegal holding a certification with the National Association of Legal Assistants with twenty years of experience and a Christian author and former owner of many theological websites. In addition to her work with the State Party, she presently serves in many volunteer capacities with the Libertarian Party and activist groups on a county, state, and National level as well as serving as an editor with Independent Political Report and as Colorado State Coordinator with the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus. Caryn Ann’s passion is to communicate the principles of libertarianism to as wide an audience as possible and to uphold the principles upon which the Libertarian Party was founded.

Caryn Ann is also the elected Region 1 Representative to the Libertarian National Committee. Region 1 comprises Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Hawaii, Montana, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Mike SpaldingRecords Director: Mike Spalding

Contact: recordsdirector@lpcolorado.org

As a near native who has lived in Colorado since he was in High School, Mike is committed to preserving the freedoms that help to make this a great state. He has built and successfully grown a software business, an insurance company, and a real estate business. He is involved in Boy Scouts, an Austrian Economics group, and myriad local activities.

Mike has financially helped the campaigns of several Libertarians and the state and national party. He has provided treasurer and other services for various campaigns and was formerly the treasurer for the Libertarian Party of Colorado. He has been a major participant in several statewide initiatives and helped repeal the sales tax on food in Lakewood. Mike also has run for election a couple of times. He garnered 23% of the vote running for State Representative and was elected to the Ken Caryl Water Board where he currently serves.

Mike_Stapleton.jpgLegislative Director: Michael Stapleton

Contact: legislativedirector@lpcolorado.org

Michael is a Colorado Native, living in Pueblo where has lived and worked most of his adult life. He has always been politically active, a follower of Libertarian philosophy, and an advocate for limited government and maintaining its proper role. His true activism came out with the recall drive against former State Senator Angela Giron after her sponsorship and votes for the anti-gun legislation. After the recalls ended, he did not want to stop, for he could see that our freedoms and liberties were eroding at a rapid pace -- all at the hand of government.

Michael attended training at the Center for Self Governance, learning how to be effective in holding government accountable to its proper role and grassroots organizing, and is currently a level 4 student. Mr. Stapleton is ready to put his training to work as a citizen activist to reach a broader base as Legislative Director for LPCO. His goal is to get Libertarians engaged in holding our elected accountable, to inform our friends and neighbors on our Libertarian principles of Individual Liberty, Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets, and to grow the Party.

john_hjersman.jpgTreasurer: John Hjersman

Contact: treasurer@lpcolorado.org

John is a California native who moved to Nebraska in 1976 at the age of 29. He moved to Colorado in September, 2013. John graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy in 1968 and sailed on cargo vessels as a licensed engineer until his retirement in 2012. The last 34 years of his career, John sailed as Chief Engineer for American President Lines. An instinctive libertarian, it wasn’t until his interest in combating erosions to our Second Amendment rights brought his attention to the existence of the Libertarian Party that he became a member of the party in 2000. John has been Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of El Paso County since early 2015. He has always bristled at seatbelt and helmet laws, although he normally chooses to use them. The heavy hand of government diminishes the quality of lives. Let’s live free.

VacantMembership Director: Ken Wyble

Contact: membershipdirector@lpcolorado.org

Ken grew up in California, raised by gay parents and fiscal responsibility was at the core of his civic preference so he registered as a Republican and couldn’t wait to vote every time he could. He also loves Jury duty but always gets sent home. Moving to Colorado in 1997 and hearing the spew of hatred against the LGBTQ community had him left out and unhappy. Fortunately thanks to picking up a copy of Reason magazine in 2004 he learned about the Libertarian Party and citied ‘Voting for Michael Badnarik instead of George Bush a second time was very, very gratifying.’ In 2006 when he learned of a Libertarian Candidate for Governor, he immediately registered Libertarian and got involved. Very involved. He started the Colorado Meetup group which quickly grew to be the nations biggest Libertarian meetup group with only 1 Ron Paul meetup group bigger. In 2007 her restarted the Arapahoe affiliate and chaired that for 3 years. In 2008 he challenged Senator Suzanne Williams and in 2010 he was the Lieutenant Governor candidate on the ticket with Jaime Brown. He is thrilled to be back and active again. He is a lifetime member of the Colorado and the National Libertarian Party.

marie_cochron.jpgOutreach Director: Marie Cochron

Contact: outreachdirector@lpcolorado.org

Marie is a Colorado native, born in Boulder and a member of the Libertarian Party since the early 2000's. Ideologically she adheres to a Jeffersonian version of Classical Liberalism. She holds a degree in Modern Languages from Metropolitan State University and has completed course work towards a Masters of Humanities at University of Colorado Denver. She has had the opportunity to study abroad in both France and Germany and is a member of four distinctive Honor Societies. She currently serves on the Policy Council for the Colorado Early Education Network in addition to doing various types of volunteer work, particularly with disabled veterans. She is passionate about Civil Liberties, particularly the right to privacy and the principles of self ownership.

Matthew DiGiallonardoFundraising Director: Matthew DiGiallonardo

Contact: fundraisingdirector@lpcolorado.org

Matthew is a Colorado native who has spent his entire life in Weld and Boulder counties. After going into college a Democrat seeking a political science degree, he exited after two years with an associates degree and no interest in participating in two-party politics. Matthew is an independent golf professional, formerly a PGA Apprentice, as well as an active member of the Libertarian Party of Weld County Development Group. Since first casting a ballot for Gary Johnson in 2012, he has considered himself a Libertarian, though finally making it official this year. His beliefs are firmly rooted in strength through peace and fiscal responsibility to create thriving communities and a stronger country.

Photos by Allan Castle: Jay North, Jack Woehr

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