News from the Regions Director: New Development Groups!

Ahhh… finally settling back in after the Convention.  It was really great to see a lot of liberty-loving folks gathered in one place, but it’s nice to put my Convention Committee Chair hat back up on the shelf for a little while, and don my somewhat-ignored Regions Director hat.

Even during planning of the Convention, people were still interested in starting Development Groups (DGs), so LPCO has a couple new ones to report! Not a lot of news coming out of the established counties recently, though with election season ramping up, and candidates having been selected at the Convention, that all will change soon enough!

The Libertarian Party of Arapahoe County held their Board elections at their Annual Meeting on March 1st. Chair, Treasurer, and Membership Directors remained the same, as Brenda Francis, Amy Lunde-Provines, and Paul Langford respectively. Jacob Erbes was welcomed on board as Outreach Director (Jacob will also be serving as Outreach Director for LPCO, and is a newly-nominated candidate for HD3), and Publicity Director is vacant. Contact LPAC should you wish to be considered for Publicity Director.

The Libertarian Party of El Paso County also held Board elections at their Annual Meeting on March 15th. Their Board is now comprised of Norman (many of you know him as Paotie) Dawson as Chair, Ingrid Somer as Treasurer, and Susan Quilleash-Nelson as Secretary.  LPEPC also has a few open positions, so if you’re interested in appointment on the LPEPC Board, please contact them!  LPEPC’s Chair and Secretary are also candidates in the 2014 elections for SD11 and HD17 respectively.

The Douglas County Development Group held their monthly meeting (at Stumpy’s NY Pizza in Castle Rock — first Saturday of each month at 7pm) on April 5th, and it was well-attended by candidates and LPCO Board members alike!  Residing in Douglas County, and in attendance, were newly-elected LPCO Board members, Jon Adams (Campaigns Director), and James Jeansonne (Communications Director); along with candidates Matthew Hess (Governor), and Brock McCoy (Sheriff).  The meeting also attracted other great Douglas County Libertarians, as well as LPCO’s new Membership Director, Paul Langford, and yours truly, LPCO’s Regions Director, both from neighboring Arapahoe County.   Douglas candidates Jess Loban (CD4) and Lily Williams (HD44) expressed regrets they could not attend, but will be there in the future.  Looks like the Douglas group is really beginning to grow!

The coordinator of the Garfield County DG has some exciting news — he was recently elected as a Silt Town Trustee.  Dylan Lewis was one of three candidates, out of six, elected to the position, and he garnered the second-highest number of votes.  Congratulations, Dylan!   Neighboring Eagle County’s DG coordinator, Thom Haupt, was nominated to be a candidate for HD26, and the Weld County DG Coordinator, Justin Borowski, is representing HD50.

As mentioned earlier, a few new DGs have popped up.  We’re happy to welcome a new metro area group in Jefferson County, as well as spread the word of liberty in more remote areas — Colorado’s northwesternmost county, Moffat, and the home of “South Park,” Park County, have joined the fold.  Moffat County’s Development Group is being coordinated by husband and wife candidate team Travis (CD3) and Sacha (HD57) Mero. Our very most recent addition, within the last week, is the Summit County DG, being coordinated currently by Rob Kingsbury.  Mr. Kingsbury is currently researching venues for their initial get-together.

It is really nice to see that candidates are the the point of contact for some of these Development Groups, and I strongly suggest that ANY candidate in a county not currently being served by an Affiliate or Development Group consider taking on this role.  If you are such a candidate, please contact me, and let’s get the ball rolling in your area.

Below are all the Facebook pages of the LPCO Affiliates and Development Groups.  Some of these have websites and/or Twitter as well, but in the interest of brevity, we’re just listing the FB pages, since all of the groups at LEAST have one of those:

Arapahoe —
Boulder —
Delta —
Denver —
Douglas —
Eagle —
El Paso —
Garfield —
Jefferson —
Larimer —
Mesa —
Moffat —
Park —
Summit —
Weld —

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