An Open Letter to Nicholas Morse, Republican Candidate for CO Congressional District 2

Dear Mr. Morse:
It has come to the attention of the Libertarian Party of Colorado that you admire our Party and principles as demonstrated by your proud use of the word “Libertarian” on your campaign page. Please know that you are not alone. Many other Republicans are becoming very dissatisfied with the direction of their Party and particularly with their Presidential candidate, and some of them have actually taken the step of fully embracing Libertarian ideals, leaving the Republican Party, and joining us. Please consider this our formal invitation for you to take this brave step, learn the solid principles of the Libertarian Party, and perhaps seek the official nomination from our delegates at Convention for the next District election. In the meantime, the endorsed candidate of the Libertarian Party of Colorado for CO Congressional District 2, Richard Longstreth, looks forward to the opportunity to provide the Libertarian alternative and principled Libertarian solutions this election. Thank you for spreading the word about our Party.
In Liberty,
Jay R. North, Chair Libertarian Party of Colorado
You can view a printable version of this Press Release here.