COLORADO—With news of a lawsuit being filed against Amendment 71, the Libertarian Party of Colorado (LPCO) reaffirms its opposition to the law.
Voted into law last November, the amendment requires citizen petitions to gather signatures from two percent of Colorado’s 35 Senate districts to legally appear on the ballot for voter consideration. As an original opponent to the amendment back in November, LPCO enthusiastically reiterates its position by joining a diverse collection of oppositional voices, which includes the Independence Institute,, and Coalition for Colorado Universal Health Care, who are joining in the legal challenge against the law.
“Raise the Bar,” the organization that supported amendment, argued that the Colorado Constitution was too easy to amend, leaving it vulnerable for out-of-state special interests.
“What’s interesting is that the petitioners who got Amendment 71 on the ballot did not meet the requirements that they hoisted upon all petitioners that will come after them,” comments Wayne Harlos, LPCO’s Chair. “They managed to lift themselves up and pull the ladder out from underneath them in the process.”
The legal challenge was announced by Attorney Ralph Ogden and other supporting speakers at a press conference on April 24th at Denver’s Civic Center Park.
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