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I don’t think my story is different than many. It’s been my observation that most of us end up the religion, and political beliefs of what our parents raised us in. Not inherently bad, but the hurdles in challenging those precepts are far beyond the surface. More, biologically prescribed, with the “You’re going to Hell” addendum attached. I continually try to remind myself that we all come from somewhere, for a reason. That we all believe our opinions, our ideologies are correct, and of value. But where does that leave us? What grounds for a society, a culture, a country; do we build our foundation on, and adhere to; when our variables are seemingly infinite? What do we, as occupants of this country, have as a commonality? That question, takes me to one answer. Our founding documents.

I was the typical religious, right wing Republican, twenty years ago. Jesus, a pledge, a flag. I can’t pinpoint the moment I started questioning if what I had been told was true, or not. Maybe it was my love of history, maybe it was the grinding in my gut that something just wasn’t right. Or maybe I was seeing that I was doing to my own children, what was done to me. A noose I very much disliked, a noose that did not represent freedom, or Free Will. I honestly don’t know what set that wheel in motion.

That wheel pushed me to reading a variety of historical opinions that I wouldn’t have considered earlier in my life. Some of that history aligned with my ideology, some of it challenged me. If a person, or even an entire country, can be conditioned, how far fetched is it to believe that perhaps, you’re one of them as well? Our American ancestors arrived here for a variety of reasons. Some religious, some feudal, some prosperity. Their efforts to escape that conditioning need to be honored. Their efforts to escape that conditioning, are what resulted in our Declaration of Independence.

When I contemplate how quickly this nation adapted to the ideals contained in that document, it really is astounding. Have there been challenges to freedom, self ownership, and civil rights? Yes. Indeed. It has been a joy to witness in my lifetime, civil rights granted to a group of people who have been long discriminated against by a country that claimed we were all equal. And when I ask myself honestly, what party platform best represents the philosophy of our founders, the answer for me is the Libertarian Party.

What does the Libertarian Party stand for? What should an American electorate that’s unfamiliar with this third party anticipate? What does the platform contain? That’s something that I plan on exploring piece by piece in coming days. Exploring that, and exploring the biggest name in the party right now, Gary Johnson, who I have been critical of.

I will make no promises on timing of content. I’m quite the curmudgeon as of late, and commitments just aren’t in my wheelhouse.


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Letter to the Editor- No Shortcut to Increasing One's Income (Chuck Wright, Westminster)

letters-to-the-editor.image_1.jpgWestminster Libertarian Chuck Wright had the following Letter to the Editor published in DailyCamera.

John Tweedy, Mara Abbott, Michelle Estrella and Judy Amabile of the Camera's Editorial Advisory Board expressed some misguided opinions about the minimum wage (" $12 by 2020").

Tweedy writes, "Something must be done to redress the moral wrong of life at $8.31 per hour."

But which is really immoral: a) peacefully engaging in a voluntary mutually beneficial business relationship, or b) forcibly stopping such a relationship because the wage is politically incorrect?

Force is the key ingredient of the minimum wage law. Without force, the minimum wage would just be a suggestion or recommendation.

Using force to achieve political or social goals is not love, social justice, peaceful, or moral. Instead it's barbaric, unjust, and immoral. It's "do things my way or else." And it doesn't magically become moral if smart people, the majority, or politicians approve.

Abbott has a Utopian view that people should be paid at least according to their needs and the state of the economy; however, people should be paid based on the value employers place on their labor.

Estrella claims that "raising the minimum wage will help low-income women." Suppose the value of what a particular woman can produce is $10 per hour. If the minimum wage is increased to $12 per hour, no private employer can afford to employ her because they'd lose $2 per hour. How is forcing her into unemployment helping her?


Amabile claims that "Nobody can get by on $8.31 per hour," but most do because the typical minimum wage earner is under 26, lives in their parent's home and is covered by their parent's health insurance.

There is no shortcut to increasing one's income. It requires effort and hard work to acquire skills that perspective employers value.

Instead of increasing the minimum wage, we should be discussing repealing it altogether.

Chuck Wright




Writing letters to the editor is a great way to spread Libertarianism.  Have you had one published?  Let us know by writing communicationsdirector@lpcolorado.org


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The Words "Libertarian Party" are Important, USE THEM

beautiful-statue-of-liberty-wallpaper-picture-wide.pngIn reviewing old Party documents, I came across an interesting fact: we used to be called the Colorado Libertarian Party.  I wondered, why and when did we change our name?  Thanks to David Aitken, this is no longer a mystery.  Apparently, and as discussed in the June 1994 newsletter, the State of Colorado was listing partisan candidates on the ballot by the first two words in their Party's name, and thus, our candidates would be listed as "Colorado Libertarian."  In order to feature the words "Libertarian Party," the Party changed its name to the Libertarian Party of Colorado.  The Board remains as dedicated as ever to making sure that the words "Libertarian Party" get in front of as many people as possible, as our predecessors went so far as to change our name to make sure they are seen. And remember the legacy of James Libertarian Burns:

James Libertarian Burns was active with the Libertarian Party of Nevada from as early as 1973. The LP was so small then that the Libertarian Party wasn’t allowed on the Nevada ballot. So, Mr. Burns legally changed his middle name to “Libertarian” and ran as a Republican–hence, the word “Libertarian” appeared on the ballot.

Use the words "Libertarian Party" proudly.  People have sacrificed a great deal to make sure you could.

By Caryn Ann Harlos

Communications Director, Libertarian Party of Colorado; Region 1 Representative, Libertarian National Committee; Colorado State Coordinator, Libertarian Party Radical Caucus




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Colorado Libertarians Reach Out to Muslims and Conservatives over Holiday Weekend

press-release.pngThe Libertarian Party of Colorado (LPCO) invited Muslim liberty activist and former Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate Will Coley to accompany Party members to visit local mosques over this holiday weekend in order to talk to the Colorado Muslim community about libertarianism and freedom for people of all faiths.  During this same time, the LPCO will be hosting a booth at the Western Conservative Summit in order to teach voters that there is an alternative to the two wildly unpopular candidates offered by the old parties. LPCO Chair Jay North issued the following statement:

The Libertarian Party supports the freedom of expression, whether that expression is religious, political, or cultural, the person expressing their views has that right without any threat from the State.  The Western Conservative Summit is a group of conservatives expressing their views.  Muslims are currently participating in Ramadan, which is another form of expression.  The alignment of the Western Conservative Summit and the end of Ramadan is unique this year and the Libertarian Party of Colorado will be supporting the free expression of both groups during the same weekend.

# # #

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Caryn Ann Harlos at 561.523.2250 or email at CommunicationsDirector@LPColorado.org

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Accepting Applications for Open Board Positions


The Libertarian Party of Colorado is accepting applications for the open Board positions of Regions Director and Fundraising Director. This is an exciting time to help Liberty and few things are more rewarding. Now is the time to activate your activism and get involved. The duties of these positions are spelled out in the LPCO Bylaws as follows:

The Fundraising Director shall be responsible for establishing and operating fundraising activities including, but not limited to, a monthly pledge program, and for reporting all income and expenses related to fundraising at the regular Board meeting.

The Regions Director shall be responsible for representing the regions and for coordinating campaigns, media, outreach, and other party functions in those regions. (Please see Bylaws for breakdowns of regions comprising the counties in Colorado). Applicants must be Colorado residents and registered Libertarians.

Please send your inquires to Jay North, Chair, at statechair@lpcolorado.org

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Committee Appointments Announced


Pursuant to prior notices, at the June 14, 2016 meeting of the Libertarian Party of Colorado the follow Committee and Committee Chair appointments were announced.

PLATFORM COMMITTEE: Caryn Ann Harlos (Chair), Wayne Harlos, Jay North, Mike Seebeck, Bennett Rutledge, Clayton Casciato, and Caleb Bolander

CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS COMMITTEE: Richard Longstreth (Chair), Caryn Ann Harlos, Wayne Harlos, Jay North, Daniel Lutz, Jeff Orrok, Mike Seebeck, and Ralph Shnelvar

The Committee Chairs will be contacting Committee members to discuss meetings. Please contact Caryn Ann Harlos, communicationsdirector@lpcolorado.org if you would like to be put in contact with either Committee for recommendations or information on scheduled Committee meetings.
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